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Last night, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in a one-hour special that was intended to clear up misconceptions regarding the Josh Duggar sexual assault scandal.

Duggar, Josh
Duggar Interview Pic

Much of the interview, however, wound up being devoted not to the discussion of Josh Duggar’s crimes, but to the allegedly illegal fashion in which the files for Josh’s case were leaked to the media.

The Duggars even went so far as to claim that local police took a bribe to release the records, and that the Springdale, Arkansas chief of police had an agenda against the family.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Josh’s file was never sealed, and when In Touch weekly requested the results of the investigation into the Duggars’ household, the Springdale Police Department had no choice but to comply, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Springdale City Attorney Ernest Cate says that while Josh’s crimes occurred when he was a minor, there was no investigation until 2006 – when Josh was 18.

As he was no longer a minor, Josh’s file was never sealed, and while the names of the victims were redacted, all information about Josh was fair game for journalists.

It’s a major reveal, as the Duggars claim to be victims of a conspiracy and have even suggested that the media’s release of Josh’s records was as heinous a misdeed as the abuse itself.

This news comes on the heels of the revelation that the Duggars were wrong about the mandatory reporting law that they initially claimed gave them a legal excuse for not reporting Josh to the police.