Hannibal Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: A Taste of Paris

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The most disturbingly awesome show on television is back!

On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 1, we open with a beautiful shot of Hannibal, clad in all black, riding a motorcycle through the streets of Paris.

He’s in town to stalk, murder and take on the identity of Professor Fell, flirting intellectually first with Fell’s ex-assistant, Anthony Dimmond.

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We then jump ahead to Hannibal and Bedelia’s life in Florence. The former is teaching, while the latter is visiting some serious creepy food purveyors.

Dimmond proceeds to stop by to pay his former boss a visit, with Hannibal intercepting him (Dimmond still thinks his name is Yakhov) and delivering the classic line:

My wife and I would love to have you for dinner.

What's on the menu, of course, but total dread?

The awkward meal focuses on Bedelia coming close to telling Dimmond to run, but then being in so deep with Hannibal that she chooses the side of self-preservation instead, engaging in a chat about Dante and what the ancient Romans used to feed their animals.

Days later, the con is finally up when Dimmond stops by Hannibal’s public dissertation.

However, the young academic seems more turned on than turned off by whatever means Hannibal used to assume Fell’s identity.

From there, we cut to Bedelia getting ready to depart their Florence apartment, only for her face to be splattered with Dimmond’s blood. As he tries to crawl away and as Hannibal snaps his neck, he looks at Bedelia and asks:

What have you gotten yourself into?

The premiere concludes with an image that’s difficult to decipher. Are we looking at a sculpture? Is that candle wax? Wait… no… a side of beef?

It’s actually a torso on an easel, displayed at the same location where Dr. Fell discussed Dante’s Inferno. Gulp. What fresh Hell our victim visited this time!

What did you think of the Hannibal premiere? Be sure to watch Hannibal online if you need to catch up and click through the following photo gallery now.

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