Iggy Azalea Explains Tour Cancelation, Gets Protested in Pittsburgh

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It's been a week full of ups and downs for the world's most divisive (and possibly only) white, female, Australian rapper.

Over the weekend, Iggy Azalea canceled her US tour, allegedly because of low ticket sales. 

Just days later, however, Nick Young proposed to Iggy with a cartoonishly massive engagement ring, proving to the world that someone is still willing out to shell out money for the I-G-G-Y.

Iggy Azalea with Pink Hair

Today, the roller coaster continues as Iggy got a chance to offer a lame explanation for why her tour got canceled (which we guess is good), and had an entire US city tell her to keep her sizable ass at home (which is almost always bad):

First, the tour. Apparently, the cancelation has everything to do with Iggy's need for a little vacay...and nothing to do with the fact that she'd sold out just half of the Staples Center over three months after tickets went on sale.

"Mentally, to be honest with you, I just feel I deserve a break. I've been going non-stop for the past two years, nearly every single day," Iggy said in a recent interview.

"I need a break to figure out what I want my sound to progress to, and I need a break to figure out how I want my visuals to progress."

Yes, Iggy is taking some time off in order to become the sort of rapper who's worthy of a nationwide arena tour. So we guess she'll be coming to your town sometime in late 2047!

Moving on, several equal rights groups in Pittsburgh have declared that they will not participate in the city's annual gay pride festival unless organizers remove Ms. Azalea as headliner.

Iggy's history of sending racist and homophobic tweets makes her not the best candidate for an event celebrating the LGBT community. Go figure!

"Our board voted last week to not march in the Pittsburgh Pride parade, due to the insensitive choice of Iggy Azalea as headliner," reads a statement issued by a Pittsburgh-based LGBT advocacy group.

So it turns out, no one wants to see Iggy, and the reasons vary widely from person to person. You might wanna take some time to think thing through, Nick Young.

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