Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: Blood on the Snow

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If you caught Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 last night, you know what we're referring to when we say, holy hell did that really just happen?!?!?

But before we get to that shocking conclusion, a brief rundown of the events that didn't make us question everything we thought we knew about the world:

First of all, not every death last night brought tears to our eyes. Justice was served in some small way (and Brienne finally got to feel useful!) when Stannis was cut down in the woods after seeing his pathetic army get destroyed by Ramsay Bolton's forces.

We guess that'll teach him to sacrifice pretty much the only morally sound character on the show. Also, it's never a good idea to go into battle just moments after discovering your wife has committed suicide.

That's a little pro tip that Melisandre probably should've passed along. We're hoping she'll get what's coming to her next season, but something tells us she'll continue to scheme her way into the hearts of desperate men.

Speaking of terrible human beings - Meryn Trant deservedly got offed in the most horrific fashion imaginable, but at what cost to Arya? We're guessing her weird Many-Faced God storyline will lead to a lot of fans cracking George R.R. Martin's books in the offseason, in hopes of figuring out WTF is going on there.

Last yeat, there was a good deal of controversy surrounding Lena Headey's first nude scene, as it was filmed in a city in Croatia that's controlled by local church authorities.

How fitting then, that the scene served as a condemnation of religious zealotry and the dangers of casting moral judgment on others. 

The whole walk of shame thing was horrible to watch and actually made us feel sympathy for Cersei for once.

On the plus side, Lena clearly knows her way around a gym. Here's hoping her next nude scene is a much sexier context. (Can we out in a "no incest" request now?)

Out in Meereen, Tyrion, Jorah and Daario argued and struck fashionable poses, while the Khaleesi and a wounded Drogon lay stranded on what appeared to be an abandoned Lord of the Rings set.

After trying to talk some sense into the flame-throwing beast (You just can't reason with dragons!) Daenerys was captured (?) by an army on horseback.

We hope 400 dudes were sufficient to apprehend an unarmed 90-pound girl. Although we suppose when dragons are involved, you can never be too careful.

Now onto the moments that gut-punched us as only GoT can:

First, after sharing a touching moment with Jamie and revealing that she's knows he's her father, Myrcella fell dead, poisoned by Ellaria Sand, who finally got the revenge she's been seeking all season.

We get the feeling Cersei's giant, zombified version of the Mountain is gonna have a lot of killing to do in season six.

Then there was the moment we'll all be talking about until the show returns next spring.

Jon Snow was betrayed by his brothers of the Night's Watch and left for dead after being stabbed a dozen times or so.

Martin's books leaves Jon's fate more open-ended, but in the show he certainly looks like he's gone for good, and actor Kit Harington has stated that he will not be back next season.

Of course, in Westeros, the line between the living and the dead is often in a blurry one (particularly in the Far North) and we're sure the show didn't establish Jon's ties to the Night's King for nothing.

Even so, knowing that one of the most beloved characters on television can be brutally murdered in such an unexpected fashion is the kind of thing that makes Game of Thrones one of the most thrilling shows on television.

For the first time, no one knows what will happen next season, as the main action of the show has officially passed the storyline of the books. We're really beyond the Wall now...and we can't wait to see what jaw-dropping events HBO's most-watched show has in store.

There were many more memorable moments in this jam-packed finale, such as Reek coming to Sansa's rescue in a moment that might mean that Ramsay's long overdue comeuppance is finally at hand.

If you missed anything or just want to relive every shocking moment of season 5, you can always watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic.

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