Celine Dion Leaves Dying Husband for Vegas Performance

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In August of 2014, Celine Dion announced she was cancelling her tour to help care for her husband, René Angélil, who was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Celine Dion in Green Dress

Sadly, René Angélil is on his deathbed.  He is no longer able to speak, and he has lost his hearing from radiation treatments.  The acclaimed singer's husband is even being tube fed.

With the news of his fragile state, some were surprised that Celine showed up to perform at the 19th annual “Power of Love” gala at the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas.

Celine attended the aforementioned event to perform a duet with opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Some were quick to criticize Celine for leaving her ailing husband’s side.  However, she silenced the criticism by confirming that René encouraged her to perform.

René pleaded with Celine, asking her to focus on her career. Dion said, “Rene wanted me to be here. He is fighting and working really hard. He wants me to be strong.”

She added, “But, he also wants me to hurry back, he wants to see me again – before he goes.”

Celine abided his wishes.  She performed at the show and was back at his bedside in less than 12 hours.

We wish Celine the best as she works through this difficult time.

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