Brody Jenner Makes GRAPHIC Sex Joke About Kylie Jenner and Tyga on Instagram!

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The relationship between Kylie Jenner and Tyga has been a topic of controversy for several months now.

At first there were rumors that Kylie's family doesn't approve of Tyga, but lately we've been hearing that Kris Jenner and company have come to accept the cradle-robbing romance

But if a recent Instagram post from Brody Jenner is any indication, not all of Kylie's siblings are cool with the idea of their youngest sibling dating a 25-year-old....predator:

Tyga Eats Kylie

Yes, Brody uploaded (then quickly deleted) that image earlier today.

We don't want to go into too much description for fear of being ambushed by Chris Hansen, but it seems to be an illustration of a tiger performing oral sex on a young woman who looks a lot like Kylie.

Brody has yet to offer an explanation for the pic, but his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Carter, swears it was an unfortunate coincidence.

She claims it was an attempt on Brody's part to promote his t-shirt line (?!), and he deleted it after she complained that it wasn't funny.

Yeah, we think "not funny" really only scratches the surface in this case. We know it's gotta be weird that your teenage sister is dating a dude with a baby mama, but there must be a better way to voice your disapproval!

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