Big Brother Spoilers: Is Audrey Middleton Already Out?

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This month, Audrey Middleton made history as the first ever transgender player on Big Brother, entering the famed "house" for Season 17.

According to the Big Brother spoilers rolling in from the live feeds, however, Audrey's historic run on CBS may end up being a short one ...

Audrey Middleton on Big Brother

Even before the Week 1 eviction ceremony, Audrey has already rubbed some of her fellow houseguests the wrong way. Will that doom her?

She appeared to be sitting pretty in the mega-alliance without fear of being ousted anytime soon - so long as she carried on without incident.

Middleton did quite the opposite, however.

From what we're hearing, the mega-alliance backdoored Jace and nominated him for eviction after HOH James made up a song about him.

When Jace busted out singing the very song that James wrote, there was mass confusion as the apparent leak in the alliance was exposed.

James, Meg, Jason, and Jeff soon deduced that Audrey was the leak in the alliance who told Jace about this. Not a smooth move there.

Of course, Audrey will be safe this week.

The nominations are finalized, and she will live to fight another week on Big Brother 17. But she's already blown her trust level inexplicably.

How will she bounce back? Can she?

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