Tomorrowland Movie Reviews: Is It Worth a Trip?

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Should you take a trip to Tomorrowland?

Now out in theaters, the Disney film stars George Clooney and Britt Robertson, as their characters work together on a dangerous mission to uncover the secrets of a mysterious place called, aptly, Tomorrowland.

What are critics saying about the adventure?

Scroll down to find out, but consider yourself warned: The Kim Kardashian Selfish reviews are actually more positive...

Come for the humor and thrills and visual delights - there are many. Leave with the thought in your head: We can, we need to, do better. This is summer moviemaking at its best. - Tom Long

Tomorrowland isn't terrible but, given its potential to be great, I left the cinema feeling rather sad. - Charlotte O'Sulliva

The plot of Brad (Ratatouille) Bird's Tomorrowland is an incomprehensible muddle. A Wachowski screenplay reimagined by William Burroughs would be easier to follow. - Brandon Judell

Has a futuristic vision that is stylishly and sometimes spectacularly rendered, but without much substance beneath the spectacle. - Todd Jorgenson

An incredibly maudlin, preachy, annoyingly mercantile public service announcement aimed squarely at eight-year-olds. - Kelly Vance

It is a Saturday morning matinee crossed with a Sunday service sermon but what really hits home is the thrill of the high-speed chases and the movie magic deployed to create a sense of awe and wonder. - Allan Hunter

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