Scott Disick: Fat-Shaming Kourtney Kardashian?

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Is Scott Disick actually fat-shaming his three-time baby mama Kourtney Kardashian online? That's how some fans are interpreting his recent actions ...

Kourtney Bikini Pic
Kourtney and Scott Circa 2010

We recently saw a photo of Scott fondling Kourtney on vacation in Mexico, which certainly implied that all is well between the celebrity couple.

But Disick apparently makes no secret of being super tough on her body, throwing shade subtly by randomly sharing bikini pics of her from 2010.

Are we reaching here? Possibly a bit, but his partner was quick to follow up with a post saying that she needed “to start back hard core in the gym.”

According to an insider, the father of Mason, 5, Penelope, 2 and five-month old Reign has been a non-stop, relentless critic of Kourtney physically:

“Scott is always trying to remind Kourtney of how hot she used to be."

“It is totally unfair because she had three children that were his doing, and for her to be able to look like she did prior to having the kids is just impossible.”

“She is beautiful just the way she is and her friends are constantly telling her to just ignore his insults. But it is hard [when it's from Scott]."

Fans of the beauty know Kourtney Kardashian's weight was revealed to be 116 lbs. (quite healthy for a 5'0" woman), and have supported her.

One follower responded to her Instagram gym comment as such:

“Start back?? You look incredible!! What’s there to change?”

Apparently for Scott, quite a lot, as if he should talk.

“Ever since Scott got on his fake health kick - he just drinks a smoothie and thinks he is healthy - he has been extra cruel,” the source says.

“The sad thing is that she actually listens to his criticism and goes into a place in her head where she thinks she needs to be a size zero to keep him.”

This dynamic has been going on for several years, too, and may come as no surprise to those who believe Disick is cheating on Kardashian.

In 2013, Disick actually said "this would be my ideal weight" when she was 105 lbs., though "I fell in love with you when you were super skinny.”

Kourt reportedly weighed 95 lbs. before giving birth to their first child. Kardashian told him that she’s “trying to [lose weight] the healthy way.”

Disick's response, half-joking but maybe not really?

“Just do it faster ... you’re my piece of machinery!”

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