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There’s no love for Tom Cruise these days.

With the news that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating and Tom’s feud with John Travolta, The Church of Scientology thinks Tom needs a friend.

A lady friend.

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According to  Life and Style Magazine, the Church of Scientology is trying to lure some unlucky lady to be Cruise’s next wife.

I’ll pass.

The tabloid publication claims that Cruise is on the prowl for wifey number four to repair his increasingly damaged reputation.

Odd that the controversial religious group would lead the way, since many feel Tom’s association with Scientology mangled his celebrity stature.

His high-profile marriage to Katie Holmes brought forth negative attention and rumors about Scientology’s questionable belief and value system.

And what’s a better way for Tom and the church to fix its reputation?

With another weird marriage, of course.

A source claims that Scientology matchmakers (yes they really exist) are designing a plan to find Tommy’s new wife.

If that wasn’t weird enough, they will be training the wife-candidates to be suitable for their leading man (this is as weird as it gets).

The top candidate will be shorter than Tom Cruise (they must be looking for a little person), beautiful, and smart.

She will graduate from the program and get to marry Cruise in some freaky Scientology wedding where everyone will probably drink the Kool-Aid.

Scientology has been accused of setting up the movie star before.

In the recent documentary Going Clear, former scientology members claim that Tom was set up with ex-girlfriend, Nazanin Boniadi.  

Boniadi sold a record number of Scientology books before the church promoted her to celeb status and hooked her up with Cruise.

Rather than a coincidence, that was probably Boniadi’s prize.