Rob Kardashian: Getting His Life Together After Chinx Murder?

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The tragic shooting death of Rob Kardashian’s close rapper friend, Chinx Drugz, has reportedly made the reality star rethink his life for the better.

Pic of Rob Kardashian
Chinx Drugz

A member of French Montana's Coke Boys crew, Chinx Drugz was killed in a drive-by last weekend, a crushing blow for his friends and family.

While he was mourned by Khloe Kardashian and French, the murder may have the greatest impact on the 28-year-old Rob. Says an insider:

“It really was a huge wakeup call to both him and Khloe."

Both Rob and his 30-year-old sister were on lockdown following the murder of Chinx, with whom the two became close thanks to French.

“Rob was very close friends with Chinx."

Since news of the tragedy broke, Rob “has been trying really hard lately to get his life back together. Harder than he has in a very long time.”

“Everyone in his family has been begging him to get help for some time,” the source adds. “They also realize that they have neglected Rob."

"It is something they are all really trying to change. Thankfully, this is something that Rob is considering now, which is huge,” says the insider.

“He doesn’t want to die like Chinx did ... no one does. And we are all hoping that this will be the catalyst to force him into treatment.”

There are also reports that we may see Rob Kardashan on Dancing with the Stars again next season, but that has not been confirmed.

Whether it's Chinx or something else, whatever gives him the wakeup call he needs is unimportant as long as he answers said call.

He's let himself go for quite awhile now ...

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