Paris Jackson and Chester Castellaw: Kissing on Instagram!

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Last month, we learned that Paris Jackson is dating Chester Castellaw, an 18-year-old semi-pro soccer player from a wealthy family.

So it sounds like she's doing alright for herself, but at the same time, Chester is 18, which means he's still got a few years of goofy hairstyles and punk rock posturing ahead of him.

Paris Jackson, Chester Castellaw Image

There's Paris and Chester looking all Sid and Nancy on Instagram, and yes, the dude has some elaborate pompadour/faux-hawk thing going on, and he's making a douchey hand gesture, but the important thing is that Paris looks happy.

Paris attempted suicideĀ and there have been rumors of her struggling with anxiety and depression in the years since.

In 2014, rumors that Paris was pregnant once again forced the 17-year-old to cope with being the subject of countless tabloid headlines.

So is Chester the one? Has Paris found everlasting love at an age when most kids haven't even finished high school?

Probably not, but she's posting selfies with her wannabe-badass boyfriend just like most girls her age, and in Paris' case that's a very good sign.

With everything that this girl has been through, she could date an endless parade of D-bags and we'd applaud her for doing what makes her happy.

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