NCIS Season 12 Episode 24: Wait... WHO Lay Dying?!?

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Did the most-watched show on television just kill off its main character?

Simply put, no. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not dead, but darn it if NCIS Season 12 Episode 24 did not leave us already counting down the days until September's premiere.

Gibbs, DiNozzo and CIA Officer Joanna Teague followed kidnapped young Luke to Iraq on this finale, where they learned he has been taken by a child-targeting, coded music-employing terrorist group called The Calling.

Upon arrival, Gibbs went off on his own to track a suspicious girl, while DiNozzo accepted a call from Daniel Budd, the leader of The Calling.

The terrorist cell already had targeted with S-bombs a marketplace in Egypt, the Grand Canyon and, up next, the Supreme Court justices.

So, in a word... GULP!

While Budd told DiNozzo that he was NOT a terrorist, he merely yearned for respect, the mysterious young girl gave Gibbs the slip.

For what reason? What purpose had she served?

To lure Gibbs into the open, clearly so that Luke - yes, that same orphaned Luke - could shoot our hero twice with a pistol, once in the leg and again in the chest.

So the boss is down; ironically and tragically at the hands of one of those he had been so concerned about earlier when talking to Ghost Mike Franks.

Who will save Gibbs indeed, as Mike asked.

Someone is the answer. Because NCIS clearly is not killing off LJ Gibbs.

What did you think of this cliffhanger? Lame because we know Gibbs won't die? Or awesome because, hey... Gibbs might die! Grey's Anatomy did just kill off McDreamy, right?

Go ahead and watch NCIS online to relive this traumatic finale.

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