Jeff Prescott Has NO INTEREST in Marrying Kate Gosselin, Source Says

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Earlier this week, we reported that Kate Gosselin had the "best date of her life" with Jeff Prescott in Philadelphia.

Kate might enjoy being wined and dined (or just having someone listen to her whine), but ever since she split from Jon Gosselin, she's been quite clear that she expects more than just a casual fling from her suitors.

Kate has said her kids need a "male role model" (Wicked Jon burn!) and she's clearly looking for someone to step in and play a fatherly role in her children's life.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jeff is not the droid she's looking for.

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According to Radar Online, Prescott does not want to marry Kate and in fact has no interest in getting hitched to anyone!

“He’s not looking to get married again. He has a very fulfilled life,” a source says about Prescott, adding that the millionaire businessman swore off marriage after his first divorce.

With the way that Prescott has gushed about Kate's mothering skills, she may be getting the wrong idea, but the insider says Jeff is adamant that one marriage was enough for him.

“He’s very busy and wouldn’t have time for a marriage,” the insider says.

Sounds like Kate might have to keep looking for a man willing to put up with both her shrill harpy ways and the demands of raising eight kids. 

It might be quite the lengthy search.

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