Hot Pursuit Movie Review: They're Frigid!

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Hot Pursuit is the comedic story of an uptight police officer (Reese Witherspoon) tasked with protecting the widow of a Texas drug lord (Sofia Vergara).

The characters are polar opposites, they are on the run and hijinks ensue.

It's not the most original concept in movie history, and that goes a long way toward explaining why critics aren't exactly gushing in their Hot Pursuit reviews, as rounded up below...

Hot Pursuit Poster

The only thing hot about "Hot Pursuit" is its scant 87-minute running time. And it still feels like four hours. - Tom Long

So bad you'd think it was directed by the worst sort of male chauvinist director. - Betsy Sharkey

We are in the midst of a comedy boom, and within it an explosion of feminist and woman-driven humor, but the news has apparently not reached Warner Bros. headquarters. - A.O. Scott

Playing to stereotypes and terrible jokes, it is mostly unfunny, frequently offensive and entirely dumb. - Anders Wright

A truly tasteless comedy featuring the otherwise talented Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. - Chris Knight

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara have great chemistry as a misfit comedy duo in the road movie Hot Pursuit. Unfortunately, they also have to strut their stuff while battling through a terrible screenplay with a hackneyed plot and dismal dialogue. - Bruce Kirkland

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