Willow Shields Dancing with the Stars Elimination: The Worst of All Time?

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The odds were not in Willow Shields' favor last night as the 14-year-old actress was stunningly eliminated on the Dancing with the Stars results show.

Despite a routine that earned her second place overall, and a dance-off victory to boot, Willow got the boot, to the dismay or the crowd and judges.

Willow Shields and Mark Ballas

Shields and actress Rumer Willis, two of the consistently strongest performers all season long, were both in jeopardy of going home in a bizarre twist.

Elimination is based on a combination of judges’ scores and viewer votes, so clearly the viewers prefer Chris Soules, Robert Herjavec and Noah Galloway.

The ousted Shields immediately teared up when her name was announced.

“We are all sad we are shocked,” said the show’s co-host, Erin Andrews.

Tom Bergeron offered her a hug, taking on the de facto role of dad.

Shields’s pro DWTS partner, Mark Ballas, praised Shields, telling her “I just want to say, first of all, a big thank you to Willow. I couldn’t be more proud.”

The question in our minds is not whether she deserved to go, but this:

Is Shields' elimination the worst in 20 seasons worth of shockers?

We've seen plenty of deserving contestants go home far too soon, but this one feels particularly rough, given how much she stood out from the pack.

It was neither too early for her to shine, nor was there a lack of competitors whom she should have vanquished. It makes one question the point.

Should the judges' scores count for more of a percentage of the overall results? Should the popular show revert back to its Tuesday results format?

Next week, at least, that's going to be how it works as the final six - Nastia Liukin, Riker Lynch, Willis, Soules, Herjavec, Galloway - vie for the finals.

Who do you think deserves to make it? And will it even matter?

Share your comments with us below: How robbed was Willow Shields, and was her ouster the worst in show history? Should the format be changed?

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