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Last week, our exclusive interview with Taylor Lianne Chandler provided an insider’s perspective on the hotly-debated and often confusing relationship between Chandler and embattled Olympic legend Michael Phelps.

Chandler has balked at being referred to as Phelps’ girlfriend, yet says she felt betrayed when she found out he was romantically involved with other women.

She admits she was with him the night of Phelps’ DUI arrest, but claims she was not in the vehicle and had not been drinking with him.

The details of their time together that seem to have intrigued and baffled most who have followed this story, however, involve Chandler’s gender identity and whether or not Phelps was aware that she was born with both male and female genitalia. 

THG was the first to report on the relationship between Chandler and Phelps, and in the weeks since we interviewed her, several sources have come forward contradicting her claims regarding everything from her ties with Phelps to her criminal history.

The most intriguing stories involved Chandler’s alleged attempts to exploit the Phelps family and mislead the media.

One insider informs us that Chandler once “threatened [Michael’s sister] Hilary Phelps on several media outlets.”

The source says “attorneys are involved and there is an ongoing investigation” and adds that “Taylor has threatened Octagon [the agency that represents Phelps] and has been telling them she would release information if they did not pay her.”

This same insider (who wished to remain anonymous) reveals that Chandler has a long history of deception and extortion.

Indeed, it seems that Chandler (who was going by the name of Paige Whitney and Paige Whitney-Daniels at the time) was once arrested on extortion charges and wound up serving time.

She later appeared on The Maury Povich show to discuss the strange experience of being a transgender inmate in a men’s prison.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Newspaper Clipping

The newspaper clipping above describes Chandler’s arrest.

The newspaper identifies her as both David R. Fitch and Paige Whitney-Daniels. It also describes her as a “transvestite,” which may help explain why she was sent to a men’s prison.

In previous interviews, Chandler claimed that she was born “intersex,” and has been legally identified as a woman for her entire life. 

It is not known if she made this claim to mislead Phelps or try and hide her criminal past, but an email that she sent while Phelps was in rehab reveals that he was not aware of her gender identity at the time that they had sex:

Taylor Lianne Chandler Email to Michael Phelps

These days, Chandler is under contract with Vivid Entertainment to make several adult films, which may be another factor thats led her to continue concealing certain aspects of her past.

While it is her relationship with the world’s most famous Olympian that made her famous, several sources assure us that there will be no further contact between Chandler and Phelps.

Phelps recently got engaged to Nicole Johnson, and one insider assures us that “Nicole is standing by her man,” and that the Phelps family simply wishes Chandler would quietly return to her life of obscurity.