Taylor Lianne Chandler, Michael Phelps' "Girlfriend," Speaks on Relationship: I'm More Than a Hookup!

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Michael Phelps' girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, is speaking out about their rumored relationship, and going into greater detail than ever before, in a new interview.

Phelps is supposedly back with Nicole Johnson, his on-off girlfriend for years, since leaving the rehab center he checked into following his DUI arrest this fall.

Prior to that infamous night, he was reportedly seeing Taylor Lianne Chandler, an older, intersex woman (she's 42, he's 29) in his hometown of Baltimore.

Taylor Lianne With Timothy Keegan

Wednesday, The Daily Dot ran an interview with Phelps' supposed paramour, who started off by addressing those rumors that she was born a man.

"I was not born a male," she said. "If they wanted to report I was born and assigned the name David Roy Fitch, I could've lived with it. It wouldn't have been my favorite choice."

"But in this business, they're trying to get traffic, so I understand."

Chandler, who says she tried to tell the National Enquirer what intersex actually means, also said that she was not present with Phelps during his D.U.I.

"I wasn't with him when he was arrested," Taylor Lianne insists.

"His D.U.I. was at 1:40 a.m. of the 30th, after the D.U.I. had happened. He'd come home. His lawyers were in and out, his agents were in and out."

"But the way the articles made it sound, it was like I was a passenger or something. That is not true," Taylor adds, and the misconceptions don't stop there.

Chandler pointed out that it was the media who gave her the title of Michael Phelps' girlfriend and not her. She also dished on how they met on Tinder.

"You gotta understand, they [the media] gave me the title," she says. "To be quite honest, when he pursued me on Tinder, I didn't think it was really him."

"I recognized him, and I recognized where he was at [in his photo], because my dad’s a jockey so I can recognize a grandstand instantly, but it was like, 'OK, is this real?'"

"Then one day I gave him my number, and he started texting me, and once I had his number and address I ran it and it was Michael Phelps, so I was like 'I'll be damned.'"

"The address, the name. The phone number. It all matched up."

That was earlier this summer, she says. Then they met in person.

"In the middle of September, we first met. I did not have sex with him at a Baltimore Ravens game during halftime [as many media reports have claimed]."

"I have been at his house and watched a Baltimore Ravens game with him. We have been intimate at his house more than once. But things with him and I were new."

"When you meet someone online, you talk about things you probably wouldn't talk about if you met in person, so it accelerates knowing someone."

"The first few times we were together, we talked about everything."

"His parents got divorced in ‘94, and my mother died when I was three months old. My grandparents raised me, but I wasn't close to my father," she says.

"He wasn't close to [his father]. My dad did horse racing, he owns thoroughbreds. It was all those things that brought us together," Chandler added.

"So we had a connection before we actually ever met… but we weren't trying to rush anything. Everyone’s trying to make me out to be a one-time thing, a hook-up."

"But I’ve been to his house four times now... If he hadn't gotten the D.U.I. the following weekend, he would’ve met my friends for a Game Night."

"We were going to play Cards Against Humanity. I even invited him to my cousin Ashley’s wedding," she notes. "But privacy was a big deal."

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