One Tree Hill Reunion: It Happened Again!

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The quiet, seaside town of Wilmington, North Carolina, was buzzing with activity last weekend.

One Tree Hill, which was filmed in Wilmington, hosted another reunion for the show’s cast and fans.

Among the One Tree Hill stars in attendance were Chad Michael Murray, Hillarie Burton, Stephen Colletti, Tyler Hilton, Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner, Bevin Prince, Mike Copon, and Barry Corbin.

Though the show took place in a quaint and quiet town, the reunion was anything but.

At the recreated “Tric” nightclub—the fictional club in the show—Hilton broke out into song.

His solo performance turned into a full cast event when his former costars join him on stage.

Hilton was just as enthusiastic as his fans. His Instagram photo read, "Let's do this again yall!! Best fans of all time. Best friends I could ask for. Been through a lot together! #OTHfam,”

Instagram traffic was busy with photos of the OTH event, including posts from Stephen Colletti, who joined the cast in season 6. The OTH and Laguna Beach alum shared a photo of Hilton singing. "Tric lives. @tylerhilton #BarManager," his Instagram photo exclaimed.

As the Club Tric concert started to wind down, Hilton posted another Instagram shout out: “Always feels good seeing the OTH Fam again. Thx everyone in Wilmington for a memorable one!”

Fans of the show were disappointed to see that Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, Sophia Bush, and Paul Johansson were no shows.

Have no fear! Bush hasn't abandoned her cast mates or fans! She was in attendance at a One Tree Hill Paris reunion in October.

Sweet as ever, Bush even sent a tweet to her fans: “To everyone in NC this weekend, I wish I could split myself in two so that I could be there with all of you!! Hug my Hil for me!!”

She continued, “Oh! Also. If you guys tour Wilmington and decide to stop by BDavis’ house, do me a favor? Take pics from the street! Please don’t go up on the porch. People live there and it’s freaky for them/their kids to have strangers all over their house!”

Luckily, fans took her message to heart. Groups of OTH enthusiasts toured the downtown Wilmington area. And with the help of official OTH guides, they were able to see the set sites and take pictures—from a distance.

One Tree Hill ran from 2003 to 2012. The Mark Schwann-created show brought fans together with a long-running series about teenage life, love, and heartbreak at Karen’s Cafe and Tric Nightclub.

Even though the show ended three years ago, the cast members still remain friends.

Antwon Tanner showed some love for his fellow One Tree Hill residents on an Instagram photo: "Me and my homie from day one. #chad Michael murray,"

A second picture shows on his feed shows Hillarie Burton going in for a kiss. "My sister from another mother #hilarieburton," Tanner wrote. "I love this girl for life.”

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