Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: Cruella Intentions

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We delved into the past of Cruella de vil on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 19.

By the hour's end, however, viewers found themselves concerned about Emma's future.

How come?

Because Cruella abducted Henry and proceeded to give his mother the ultimate ultimatum: Kill the Author… or your child gets the most unhappy ending of them all.

Regina, Emma, the Charmings and Hook therefore schemed to save Henry, dividing up to track down the boy while also seeking out the Author to gather information on Cruella.

When Snow and David finally found the man behind the book, he alleged that he was trying to save the universe from Cruella, not that he could have predicted that Gold's plan to use this dark queen sorceress to turn the Savior dark.

In what way?

Via a flashback you can see when you watch Once Upon a Time online, the Author wrote things so that Cruella could never actually take a life.

But Emma wasn't aware of this crucial tidbit when she faced off against Cruella cliffside. The latter was holding Henry at gunpoint, leaving Emma with seemingly no choice: our heroinr used her powers to zap Cruella off the cliff, sending her to her (black-and-white and red all over) death.

Just as Gold intended, Emma has taken a huge step on a path to darkness.

“If you thought Emma was in danger of going dark from learning what her parents did [to Maleficent”s daughter Lily], now we have to deal with the danger based on her own actions,” producer Adam Horowitz tells TV Line.

He added for frightening emphasis: “Emma crossed a line."

We shudder to think about what the repercussions will be for her... and for everyone around her.

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