Lindsay Lohan Screws Up Arabic, Tells Fan: You're a Donkey!

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Note to Lindsay Lohan: You may want to stick to posing naked in bed on Instagram.

The occasional actress caused both outrage and hysterics this week when she tried to send along a positive message to some fans... in Arabic.

Lindsay Lohan Bed Selfie
Lindsay Lohan Instagram Message

The often-troubled star shared the above photo on her social media account, clearly thinking the phrase she used translated to "You’re beautiful."

However, as pointed out by a number of followers far more fluent in this language than she is, the words actually mean "You're a donkey."

Or, to be more accurate, they mean "you're an ass."

A Dubai-based reporter named Jenan Moussa even chimed in, Tweeted a picture of Lohan’s gaffe and writing:

"Next time @lindsaylohan, let me check b4 u post :-) Arabic words don’t mean ‘U are beautiful’ but ‘u are a donkey."

This isn't exactly the first Instagram failure committed by Lohan over the past several weeks.

Remember when Lindsay tried to Photoshop her waist online? Or when she dropped the N Word in a hashtag?

We'd say Lohan should get off Instagram, but then she may end up driving drunk many times again.

Compared to past life mistakes, these examples are all pretty harmless.

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