Kenan Thompson: Bill Cosby Tried to Bang My Mom!

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SNL cast member Kenan Thompson performed at the University of Pittsburgh last night, and in addition to sharing a tale about smoking weed with Mike Tyson, he opened up about the unpleasant experience of working with Bill Cosby on the set of the 2004 film Fat Albert.

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In light of the rape allegations against Cosby, several celebrities have come forward with shocking tales about their interactions with the comedy legend.

Thompson kept it lighthearted (he was on stage for a standup set, after all) by avoiding specifics, and instead painting Cosby as more of a creep than a predator - the kind of guy who makes you uncomfortable for reasons you don't fully understand.

Thompson stated that Cosby was a "monster" on the set, but the remark seemed to refer more to his temper and vulgar language than to any indication of criminal behavior.

“So Cosby pulled me aside and said that after the movie comes out, it’ll be so hard to keep the women off you, you’ll need two d-cks," Thompson told the crowd.

He then told a brief but disturbing tale about Cosby's behavior on the day that Thompson brought his mother to the set.

Apparently, Cosby insisted on bouncing Thompson's mother on his knee and made disturbing comments to her, as though he were talking to a child.

Compared to Chelsea Handler's Cosby story - and, ya know, the 31 women who have accused him of rape - Thompson's tale seems pretty tame, but it still serves as an indication of Cosby's disturbing attitude toward women and sex.

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