Lindsay Lohan to Dina Lohan: Please Don't Sell My Crap!

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Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan's naked selfie made us dare to imagine a future in which LiLo is more than just a depressing tabloid trainwreck.

We know how that sounds, but she's the set the bar pretty low over the years, and sometimes a healthy-looking selfie can be an indication of better times ahead. (And sometimes it's an indication that Tara Reid learned Photoshop, but that's another story.)

In Lindsay's case, however, our hope was short-lived, as a new story about the latest feud between Lindsay and Dina Lohan reminds us that a Lohan can't change her freckles any easier than a leopard can change its spots.

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Apparently, Lindsay owns a ton of crap and has been storing it at Dina's house during her club tour of London.

Lohans are always desperate for two things - cash and attention - and Dina saw an opportunity to score a little bit of both by selling Lindsay's stuff.

Needless to say, Lindsay was reportedly not happy and she won't be sharing her coke with Dina any time soon.

Dina denies that she's unloading Lindsay's belongings, but several sources say that LiLo (who's in the UK at the moment) has asked her friends to scope out the situation and make sure her stuff is safe.

TMZ reports that Lindsay has already threatened to get the cops involved is Dina decides to proceed with the yard sale.

Well, it was a nice 24 hours of not being worried/depressed about Lindsay Lohan. Hope you enjoyed it!

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