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The last time we checked in on Chris Martin, he was hanging out with Kate Hudson and thoroughly enjoying the single life.

From the looks of Hudson and the Coldplay singer getting friendly on the beach, it seemed that the rumors of Chris breaking up with Jennifer Lawrence were 100% legit.

Over the weekend, however, Martin and Lawrence were spotted hopping private jets and getting romantic together in Central Park, because apparently, Chris Martin is the number one playa of our times. Don’t hate.

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

Sources tell the New York Post that J-Law and C-Mart took a plane from Jersey to NYC to have lunch at Tavern on the Green, because apparently they got bored of lighting their cigars with $100 bills.

The best part is that Chris had just returned from a vacation in Mexico with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s been a full year since Paltrow and Martin consciously uncoupled, but apparently they’re still hanging out…and possibly banging.

Like we said, Chris Martin has game for days. In fact, there are rumors that Lawrence, Hudson and Paltrow are all fighting over Chris.

So to any young dudes who may be reading this, we encourage you to start a band and commence crooning sensitive ballads, ASAP. Clearly it pays off.