Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow & Kate Hudson: Fighting Over Chris Martin?!

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You don't have to conduct a survey to know that Coldplay is popular with a group that we affectionately refer to as "the ladies."

The effects of the song "Yellow" on human vaginas are well documented, and they are believed to be responsible for more desperate college freshman losing their virginity than alcohol and D'Angelo combined.

That said, we had no idea that when it comes to sex appeal, Chris Martin is basically James Bond combined with Mick Jagger, with a dash of Cumberbatch thrown in for good measure.

Rumor has it that Chris Martin is dating Kate Hudson these days, which should be all well and good, as Hudson recently split from Matt Bellamy, which means that she and Martin are both unattached.

Chris Martin Smiling Photo
Kate Hudson Smiles

The problem is, once you go Chris he never...goes un-missed? Anyway, Martin dated Jennifer Lawrence briefly last year and it seems she's unwilling to let the sensitive songbird go.

Not only that, Martin's ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow is ready to consciously re-couple and she thinks her friend Kate is standing in the way of GOOP-y reconciliation.

"Kate knew Gwyneth and Jen were out of town, so she took the opportunity to make a major play for Chris," a source close to the situation tells In Touch.

The insider adds that Gwyneth was "livid" when she found out, and J-Law is apparently ready to go full-Katniss.

"Jen isn't giving up on him," says the source. "She won't go down without a fight." 

Ladies, ladies there's plenty of Chris Martin to go around. We think. If not, doesn't Coldplay have a bass player? Why not give that dude some? Poor guy.

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