Sesame Street Parodies Game of Thrones, Presents... Game of Chairs!

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Forget the crazy high ratings and non-stop buzz.

Ignore the online chatter and insane anticipation for each new episode.

Game of Thrones has finally made it. Because the HBO epic just got parodied by Sesame Street.

The iconic children’s program has come out with a sketch titled “Game of Chairs,” which aims to determine the rightful king or queen of Jesteros.

If you've ever yearned to see Game of Thrones with Grover playing a key role... or Muppets as dragons... or an adorable version of Joffrey, then this satire is for you.

With Game of Thrones Season 5 on tap for this Sunday on HBO, who came out on top in Sesame Street's version of the series?

Grover is now your fuzzy grace!

"Bring a sweater, I think winter is coming!"

Way too good.

In the past, Sesame Street has also parodied True Blood and Sons of Anarchy.

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