Jared Leto Posts Joker Selfie on Snapchat: Why So Serious?

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When the news first broke that Jared Leto had been cast as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, many felt that his performance could serve as a revelatory surprise, much like when Heath Ledger portrayed the iconic villain in The Dark Knight.

Unlike Ledger, however, Leto is a full-blown social media addict so by the time the movie actually hits theaters, there probably won't be much of a surprise left.

The film won't be released until August of 2016, but we've already heard Leto's Joker voice and gotten a glimpse of the actor rocking the Clown Prince of Crime's signature green hair. 

At this rate, we imagine by next week, we'll have a Vine clip of the Joker hula-hooping at weekend 2 of Coachella.

Anyway, the first photo of Leto as the Joker was obscured and poorly lit, so fans are freaking out today over the first clear shot of Jared's insane clown chic.

Jared Leto Joker Photo

The problem with casting a born eccentric like Leto is that there's no way of knowing if he's getting ready to terrorize Gotham or just pick up some organic pears at Whole Foods.

We have our doubts that a man so pretty will be able to terrify us the way Ledger did, but we're hoping he'll prove us wrong.

Part of the problem may be that we've seen Leto in his tree-hugging natural habitat:

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