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Unless you’ve been locked up in the Dreadfort wondering what’s in Ramsay Bolton’s sausage, then you’ve probably heard by now: Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres on Sunday, and the whole world is pretty damn psyched about it.

We mean, like, literally the whole world. The episode will air simultaneously in over 170 countries, a move that’s likely to bring in record ratings worldwide. 

If you’re anything like the producers of Vikings, you might be wondering what it is that makes GoT so wildly popular.

Well, there’s the incredibly intricate world that the show has built over four seasons; the witty repartee amongst complex, fully-realized characters; the political intrigue; the…

Oh who are we kidding? It’s all about the blood and boobs. 

We’ve already covered the hottest women in Game of Thrones, so now onto the other reason your 13-year-old nephew just signed up for HBO Now:

The slideshow above offers a quick refresher on some of the more memorable deaths from Game of Thrones’ first four seasons.

As for who will eat it this year, well, your guess is as good as ours. We’re sure you can scroll down to the comments for unwanted spoilers from book-readers, if you’re so inclined.  

One thing that’s great about GoT is that we know that several people will shuffle off the mortal coil, and at least one of them will be a major character.

Lots of shows kill off scores of minor nobodies (We’re looking at you, The Walking Dead!), but what makes GoT is the fact that anyone can go at any time.

Okay, just about anyone. We’re pretty sure fan favorites Daenerys and Tyrion are safe for the time being, but from the moment Ilyn Payne made Ned Stark a head shorter in season one, you knew there was no character too big for this show to kill off.

So peep out the gallery above for some traumatizing flash cards and then watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up for the finale. We won’t tell anyone if you pause the nude scenes.