Full House TV Movie: Coming to Lifetime!

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Apparently this is the Tanners' world. We are merely living in.

Just days after Netflix announced it has ordered 13 episodes of a Full House spinoff, Lifetime has confirmed it is moving ahead with a Full House television movie.

But not the kind that will star John Stamos, Bob Saget or anyone in this beloved cast.

Similar to the The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story that raked in ratings for the cable network last fall, viewers will soon be able to tune in to The Unauthorized Full House Story.

It will reportedly chronicle the cast member's lives off-screen, from good times to very bad times.

The Full House cast, of course, has remained especially close over the years, with Saget, Stamos and Dave Coulier reuniting for a Danon Super Bowl commercial in 2014.

It makes us wonder what sort of "Unauthorized" dirt Lifetime will be able to dig up for an entertaining film.

No air date has yet been given for The Unauthorized Full House Story, though the casting process is expected to soon get underway.

The Full House reboot, meanwhile, will be titled Fuller House. It will star Candace Cameron Bure as a widowed DJ, trying to raise two sons with the help of her best friend, Andrea Barber’s Kimmy Gibbler.

Stamos will produce the Netflix series and appear occasionally as Uncle Jesse.

Jodie Sweetin is also on board, but the status of other cast members (most notably Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ) remains a mystery at this time.

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