Saved By the Bell Movie: What Did We Learn?

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TIME OUT! They want us to believe what?!?

Lifetime aired The Unauthorized Save by the Bell Story last night, a made-for-television movie based on Dustin Diamond’s 2009 memoir and also produced by Diamond, a fact that most definitely colored the unusual presentation. 

The film starred young actors portraying the stars of this classic Saturday morning program and it claimed to reveal a number of truths regarding what went on behind the scenes.

Such as...

  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar lived on a $20/week stipend during his early Saved by the Bell Days.
  • Gosselaar was so afraid the cast would learn he isn't a natural blonde that he colored his roots in between takes.
  • Dustin Diamond freely hung out in the office of NBC President Brandon Tartikoff.
  • Jennie Garth nearly played Kelly Kapowski.
  • Elizabeth Berkeley forced the series to tackle serious social issues, such as drugs and sex.
  • Diamond pulled many pranks, wondered why no one took him serious and entertained nauseating fantasies about being muscle-bound and climbing into hot tubs with sexy women.
  • Diamond's first ever kiss was with Tori Spelling, who played his girlfriend on the show.
  • Diamond was blackmailed by a hanger-on after failing to score the wannabe actor a plum role on Saved by the Bell.

Yes, there was a lot about Dustin Diamond, as well as slams against White Collar and Franklin & Bash during the Saved by the Bell Where Are They Now segment.

What did you think of this unauthorized movie? Buying anything it was selling? And what series do you hope Lifetime goes behind the scenes of next?

(Cough... cough... GLEE!... cough... cough...)

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