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What happens when the spotlight turns off?

When the tables stop being flipped? When the wine glasses stop being thrown? When the scripts stop being sent and you’ve suddenly been demoted from D-Lister to Z-Lister?

What happens then?

Such are the topics we’re tackling in this photo gallery, which features former stars from all The Real Housewives franchises (yes, even DC; no, really, there was a franchise in DC!) and poses a simple question?


Following involvement in any number of Real Housewives scandals, have they returned to a life of anonymity and peacefulness?

Or are they still seeking that headline-making rush, trying to branch of into music, movies or some other kind of reality show?

Some of the answers may surprise you.

So take a few moments and spend a bit of time with the women you once loved or who loved to hate. And who you now may have forgotten ever existed.

(No offense, Cristy Rice, but who knew you were a person?!?).