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When is the picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside not just a picture of a four-year old girl standing on the edge of a hillside?

When folks wonder whether the boots of a samurai ghost are standing directly behind her!

This is what’s happened ever since a Reddit user uploaded the following photo. It features a young girl standing near a beach that’s across from a samurai graveyard.

And if you look behind her legs, you’ll see what appears to be a pair of boots and part of a shirt peeking out from… somewhere.

Little Girl and... Ghost?!?

"My daughter thinks the whole thing is just so funny," Martin Springall, who snapped the image, tells ABC News. "She thinks it’s a ghost, but not a scary ghost – a nice one."

The photo was taken last July in Zushi, Japan.

Springall shared the shot with a friend, who uploaded it to the “Ghosts" subreddit.

"Some thought it could be the ghost of a World War II sailor," he says, not offering up any of his own theories, but making it clear no actual person was there:

"My daughter is really shy, and she wouldn’t have taken a picture if there was someone standing behind her, which I would have definitely noticed."