Elizabeth Berkley Posts Showgirls Throwback Pic, Muses on "Authentic" Moment

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Besides being a member of the Saved By the Bell cast, Elizabeth Berkley is best known for playing stripper Nomi Malone in the 1995 film Showgirls.

Two decades later, the NC-17 masterpiece has become a cult classic, a movie so beyond bad and unintentionally hilarious that it ironically won a legion of fans.

Berkley paid homage this week with an epic throwback pic of herself in character, while musing on a rare moment of authenticity during the filming:

Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

Elizabeth says she could see a bit of herself in Nomi at this moment:

"This was a rare moment during the filming of #showgirls where the director let the camera run and captured my authentic longing for my own dream to be a performer."

"In turn he captured #nomi's longing, while watching the star of the show, Crystal," she captioned the shot of her character watching Gina Gershon perform.

"I like this moment because it was a tiny moment  where I wasn't being pupeteered to mimic exact direction that was ultimately extreme and cartoon-ish."

Deep stuff. Though she does acknowledge "I do love, and am grateful you guys love the #camp of it all!! #cultfilm #camp #comedy #film #movies #showgirls"

It's true that Showgirls set the bar high for unintended film hilarity.

Nomi's journey from prostitute to stripper to Vegas superstar may have been may have been more compelling had it not been for all the outrageous asides.

From its absurd quotes to awkward lap dances and a pool sex scene in which Berkley resembled an epileptic marlin thrashing on a "rod," Showgirls had it all.

Elizabeth, who we can only hope takes part in another Saved By the Bell reunion, went on to brand her Ask Elizabeth website, books and workshops.

She is also married and has a son with husband Greg Lauren. What are the rest of our Saturday morning favorites up to these days? Let's find out!

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