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Happy Earth Day, celebrity gossip lovers!

Every year on April 22, citizens of the world are supposed to come together in honor of the planet we all share, taking a few moments to do whatever they can in order to preserve it for the next generation.

You know, just like the following stars have done by dyeing their hair the universal color of the environment.

Isn’t that right, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown?

Isn’t that why you went green for awhile there, Lena Dunham and Lady Gaga?

As a symbolic gesture of the troubled state in which Earth finds itself and how we each need to do our part in order to save it? No? It’s not? Are you sure?

Well… for the purposes of this Earth Day-inspired photo gallery, we’re gonna go ahead and assume differently.

So click through the colorful pictures above, readers, and then follow the leads of these 11 stars: do something green today. Just don’t make that something a change to the shade of your hair.