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Not long after Ed Sheeran told the world that Harry Styles has a big penis, another unexpected bombshell has been dropped on a nauseated public:

Judge Judy is really good in bed.

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The famous legal star was speaking to The Daily Mail alongside husband Jerry Sheindlin last night when she was asked about her impressive career.

"I have different [awards] in different places," said the family court guru. "The only place I don’t have any awards out in the open is in the bedroom."

"Other than that they are all over. I don’t know! I sort of feel that is one place where I feel nobody should be getting awards."

Upon hearing this remark, Jerry chimed in and joked:

"No awards? She just gave me an award last night."

When was asked to clarify his comment, Jerry replied:

"It’s a huge insight. I have this statue that proves it!"

Whoa there! Settle down now, Mr. Sheindlin!

The TV judge and her husband got married in 1977. Although they divorced in 1990, ultimately, the pair couldn’t stay away from each other and remarried in 1991.