Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules: Ready to Have a Baby?!?

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Just one month after announcing her engagement to The Bachelor star Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff, 29, is already thinking about starting a family.

This probably comes as no surprise considering Whitney Bischoff froze her eggs at the relatively young age of 27, and she works as a fertility nurse.

At the April 16 premiere of Winning, Whitney told Us that she is ready for Soules to finish Dancing With the Stars so they can move Iowa and settle down.  

"I'm working remotely right now, so it will be nice once we get back to normal and all of that," Bischoff says. "Getting back to Iowa will make that commute a little bit better.”

Even though she and Chris have been accused of a "showmance," the couple, who met on The Bachelor, seems to be ready for a new stage in life.

They are currently living in Los Angeles. Moving to Iowa might help them refocus their lives from the spotlight to a quieter family life.

"[We] definitely [want kids], so one step at a time: Dancing, the move to Iowa, the wedding, and eventually a family," she tells Us.

Soules is also excited for their move to Iowa:

"We're just being happy - this isn't real life yet."

"The Bachelor, for us, wasn't real, really. It was a crazy vacuum situation. We're just looking forward to getting into our normal lives. Then we can talk about wedding planning!”

Bottom line: Don't believe any talk about his last fiancee breaking them up or Chris using Whitney to land a farm-based reality show (the best rumor ever).

Her report to the media about wanting to start a family also comes with a public service motive. In recent years, she has been outspoken about women’s choices in fertility. 

She says, “I'm using this once in a lifetime opportunity as a stance on female empowerment to educate women about fertility. It's something I'm really passionate about.”

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