Cara Delevingne Drinks Tequila First Thing in the Morning, Tabloid Claims

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Cara Delevingne has engaged in plenty of questionable behavior over the years including tattooing the word "bacon" on her foot and groping every Jenner or Kardashian she lays eyes on. 

We had always assumed that Cara was all over Kendall in every photo simply because she's a young, wealthy free spirit who can get away with whatever the hell she wants.

Now, however, it seems there might be a better explanation for Ms. Delevingne's wild ways - she's constantly sloshed!

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The newest issue of Star magazine claims that hard-partying Cara has been known to wake up next to both bottles and models, and that happy hour starts whenever she stops hitting the snooze button.

"She sometimes drinks tequila as soon as she gets up," a source tells the tabloid. "Cara blames her crazy schedule for her love of alcohol."

The insider worries that Cara's transition from A-list model to Hollywood actress will only make her heavy boozing even worse.

Cara recently wrapped the highly-anticipated Paper Towns and she recently started filming the mega-budget adaptation of DC comics' Suicide Squad in Toronto.

"Shoots start early in the morning and since she's in the big leagues, she has to clean up her act or risk being labeled unreliable," says the source.

That's right! You need to put in at least a couple decades in Hollywood before you're allowed to start disappearing from sets to go on liver-busting benders. Right, Johnny Depp?

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