Bethenny Frankel, Jason Hoppy Fighting Over The Real Housewives of New York City Premiere: Why?

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Bethenny Frankel seems to have been born for reality TV drama.

Even when she isn’t in the process of filming, her personal life mirrors the drama on The Real Housewives of New York City, the show she's returning to this year.

Little more than 24 hours since Frankel, a returning cast member of RHONY, was spotted with a new mystery man, she got into an altercation with former husband and baby daddy, Jason Hoppy.

Keep in mind, just a few days ago, Bethenny broke up with Michael Cerussi. In other words, she dumped one dude, met a new beau, and got into a fight with Jason in less than five days.

No wonder she drinks those Skinny Girl cocktails all of them time.

Her latest drama started over Tuesday night’s Real Housewives of New York premiere. Yes, drama ensued over watching reality tv drama.

An insider told Radar Online that “Bethenny wanted ​to have a few close friends over to the Tribeca loft she shares with Jason and Bryn to watch the RHONY premiere on Tuesday night.”

Apparently, Jason wasn’t having it.

The source stated, “The show starts at 9 p.m., and Jason didn’t want to have an apartment full of people on a school night disrupting Bryn’s sleeping. Jason told Bethenny to take the party somewhere else, and she wasn’t happy about it.”

In what may be an attempt to engage in more made-for-tv drama, the couple still own the home together.

And if real estate isn’t enough drama to keep them on tv, Hoppy is hammering out legal options after Bethenny openly discussed their divorce on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

Thankfully, they at least worked out the custody arrangements for their 5 year-old daughter, Bryn.

Bethenny is mostly famous for saying and doing what ever she pleases. And that might be the case for this season of The Real Housewives of New York.

As a source previously stated, “Bethenny isn’t going to back down — not to Jason, and not to anyone! This divorce has lasted almost as long as the length of the marriage.”

Bethenny might be a train wreck. But The Real Housewives of New York needs this train wreck. The last few seasons have been a swath of anti-climatic episodes and new cast members so boring that they could kill even Ramona’s buzz.

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