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Fans of VH1’s Mob Wives know Angela Raiola for her husky voice and larger-than-life persona. 

Unfortunately, it was recently discovered that one of Big Ang’s signature traits may be the result of a serious medical condition.


TMZ reported last week that doctors discovered a tumor in Big Ang’s throat that was roughly the size of a lemon.

Further tests showed that Raiola’s tumor was cancerous, but the reality star remained optimistic and issued several encouraging messages to fans via social media.

Ang was scheduled for the soonest possible surgery, and she underwent an eight-hour procedure on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Raiola’s sister reported that the operation was a success, and doctors were able to remove not only the tumor, but the lymph nodes on the left side of Ang’s neck, as an added precaution.

In another piece of wonderful news for fans, Ang has been instructed not to speak for just three days, and after that, doctors expect that her famous voice will return to normal.

In a recent interview, Ang attributed her raspy speech to 35 years of smoking. We hope after this latest scare, she’ll never be tempted to pick up the habit again.

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