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As host of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Amy Schumer joked about female masturbation, anal sex and acquiring HPV.

So, no, the comedian isn’t exactly afraid to take on the dirtiest of subjects.

But Schumer took things to an NC-17-rated extreme last night on The Late Show with David Letterman, responding to the host’s request to "do something [she’ll] regret" by standing up and flashing some skin.

Amy Schumer (Sort Of) Flashes David Letterman

"See my scar?" Schumer asked.

"What is that?" Letterman asked. "What happened there?"

"That’s my vagina," Schumer responded, turning Letterman’s face red and prompting him to reply: "I asked for it, didn’t I? It’s all my fault!"

In actuality, "that’s a scar from surfing! It’s a surfing scar, I promise,” Schumer said, adding: “My vagina’s right where it should be!"

Schumer, who recently won Peabody Award winner, was on The Late Show to promote the third season of Comedy Central’s hit series Inside Amy Schumer… which has actually been renewed for a fourth season already!

Season 3 kicks off tonight at 10:30/9:30c. You should watch it. It’s hilarious.