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The Vanderpump Rules reunion is halfway over, and sadness is starting to sink in, given the fact this is the last we’ll see of the SUR crew for awhile.

So let’s look ahead to the inevitable Vanderpump Rules Season 4, which we can only hope Bravo fast-tracks to the fall after the season that just ended.

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What can we expect in terms of relationships? Firings? Cast changes?

The current staff at SUR seems to be perfectly fine with their lives being filmed, with the exception of Stassi Schroeder, who seems kind of over it.

Schroeder’s fellow cast members seem more than a little over her, to boot. That’s putting it mildly. We’ll address her situation more in just a few moments.

Given the success of the show itself, and its guaranteed boost to her already overpriced restaurants, Lisa Vanderpump is probably all in for Season 4.

If she’s stuck it out on the inferior Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for five years, no way will she not executive produce a fourth season of this mayhem.

She’s above the fray, yet benefits immensely from the fray. Good setup.

After all, if you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know that the picture painted of her dining establishments may not be professional, but that’s the hook.

The authenticity of Stassi, Jax & Co. (for better or worse) and the show’s working class charm make it a bona fide hit and, SUR a tourist attraction.

Dining out there might even entail seeing this kind of thing happen …

So looking ahead to Season 4, what’s on tap as far as romance?

Season 3 involved a lot of alleged cheating and many a strained relationship, but also one fairy tale ending as far as Scheana and Shay’s wedding.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix appear to be on pretty solid ground, for that matter, as do Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney … ultimatums and all.

Will one or both couples get engaged by this time next year?

Tom Schwartz was given a timeline – six months from the SUR party, as seen on the Vanderpump Rules Season 3 finale – to propose to his girlfriend.

Does he just need that sort of coercion to pull the trigger and get over his marriage phobia, or is Katie hopelessly trying to force what isn’t there?

Whatever the outcome, it’ll be very interesting. While Schwartz drags his feet awkwardly, Tom Sandoval and Ariana could beat them to the punch.

Not only did they just move in together, they seem over the moon, and they’ve already endured a season’s worth of Kristen Doute trying to sabotage them.

If they survived Season 3, clearly they have staying power.

Doute’s romance with James Kennedy, meanwhile, is tenuous at best.

Unless she really moves on from Sandoval and mellows out (unlikely, given the frightening series of events we’ve just watched), he’s gonna get fed up.

Being guys, we can also see the unlikely bromance of James and Tom once that happens. Hey, if he can be friends with Jax, it’s not that far fetched.

As for staff changes, Kristen could always get fired again on a moment’s notice, and Stassi may have seen her final days on Bravo at this point in time.

She would have to start working at SUR again, which she clearly hates but at the same time might need the money from, since she has no friends left.

Stassi burns bridges like Jax burns through condoms, as Tom would say.

Speaking of Jax, he will no doubt continue to be a shady, compulsive liar with major psychological problems, and Vail Bloom will be the staff’s #1 tease.

Oh, and for the love of all things holy, please let Scheana Marie and James, the self-proclaimed bus boy with mad DJ skills, team up on another single.

This planet desperately needs "Shake That" Part 2.

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