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We have pretty low expectations when it comes to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. As a general rule, everything they do is wrong and terrible. (Watch True Tori online if you don’t believe us.)

So it’s actually a nice change of pace that their latest actions are being debated online. For once the whole world doesn’t agree that Tori and Dean are total F-ups. Some folks are actually on their side! Progress!

Allow us to explain: Over the weekend Ronda Rousey defended her UFC title against Cat Zingano at the Staples Center in los Angeles.

Naturally plenty of celebs were in attendance, but most of them didn’t bring a 6-year-old along.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott UFC Fight Photo

Yes, that’s Tori and Dean with their 6-year-old daughter Stella and 7-year-old son Liam. Thankfully, they opted to leave their youngest two tykes at home. 

Even so, the couple has taken a fair amount of flak for bringing such young children to such a violent, adult-oriented event.

Is it as bad as welcoming a camera crew into your home to chronicle the destruction of your unhealthy marriage for millions of television viewers? No, but it’s still a pretty questionable parenting call. 

Of course, a little UFC action might be good for Tori and Dean. She can sit back and pretend she’s pummeling Emily Goodhand, while he gets to spend some cash on scantily clad women without hiding it from his wife. 

Everybody wins!