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California, there they went.

From 2003-2007, a few adults and a few young adults came together to form the cast of what many consider to be the greatest show in the history of television.

Or at least the best teen drama of its era.

We speak, of course, about The OC, which found a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks get adopted by a big-hearted lawyer and his gorgeous wife.

There was a lovable nerd, a trainwreck of a prom queen, a guitar-playing bully (who loved to welcome people to The OC) and a single mother who slept around. A lot.

There was also the killing off of a main character and more schmearing of more cream cheese than we’ve ever seen before on television.

The OC combined great music, terrific one-liners, unique characters and cliffhanger-worthy storylines that left our jaws on the floor week after week. We miss it.

Fortunately, we can still find some of the stars on the small screen. Where are your favorite OC actors and actresses now? Click around above and find out now!