Shailene Woodley: I Love Eating Bugs! They're the Future of Food!

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Always-quotable actress Shailene Woodley says she loves eating bugs, and why shouldn't she? The "future of food" is insects, according to the Insurgent star.


In a new behind-the-scenes video from her recent Nylon photo shoot, the 23-year-old says bugs are the bomb, and don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

"I've eaten ants and that was great," Woodley says. "And June bugs, that was great. I think the future of food is in insects, so we'll see what happens."

Not that she only eats bugs: "And I had pig's feet in Spain a few months ago and that was awesome. They're so gelatinous. It felt great for my stomach."

How's your stomach feeling right now reading this? Sort of like when you watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape? A little ill but too intrigued to stop?

Woodley, never afraid to wax philosophical about anything, at any time, also mused "I've always wanted to try the trapeze. I haven't done that but it seems fun."

Totally. "Also, The most Scorpio thing about me that I can share publicly. I love black, wear black exclusively," she adds, then turns a bit more serious.

"Everyone could and should do a lot for the planet," Woodley said. "Find one small thing that works for you and dedicate and commit to that every single day."

"Regardless of whether it's when you leave the house just unplug your toaster, coffee machine, your TV, which doesn't need to be on all day."

Beyond that, the actress suggests little things like, "don't ask for a straw at a restaurant. Make a goal not to drink out of plastic as much as possible."

Well you certainly can't make fun of her for that eco-advice. We could all do more to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of these other quotes, though ...

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