Patrick Schwarzenegger: I Didn't Cheat on Miley Cyrus!

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How quickly things change.

Just a few days ago, the rumor mill was churning with talk of Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger getting married.

Now, there's chatter that the famous couple may split because Schwarzenegger may have cheated on Cyrus.

Patrick Schwarzenegger with Miley Cyrus

Photos surfaced online yesterday of Schwarzenegger doing body shots off a bikini-clad young woman in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

At the Mango Deck Restaurant & Bar, the 21-year old is photographed very clearly with his arms around a brunette.

She is wearing a black bikini and a "Kappa Kappa Gamma" sorority scarf around her head and she seems very comfortably cozying up to Schwarzenegger.

But Patrick has taken to Twitter in order to explain why, insisting his actions are completely innocent.

"Omg. It's one of my best friends girlfriend..." the USC student wrote. "Would NEVER do anything against my GF..... Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls.."

Miley initially seemed distressed by the pictures, writing the following cryptic message on Instagram yesterday:

"Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious."

But she then seemed to get over it in true, bizarre, difficult-to-comprehend Miley Cyrus-like fashion.

"Da most biewteous thang in da whole wide world iz friendship. yiew choose dem outta all da billion trillion and beyond dey are da onez dat days seem toooo short with," she wrote.

Miley concluded:

“Biewty is all around us and we izzzz so lucky to be on dis planet. (I mean seriously wtf are the chances we all meet da onez we love) Feeling supaaaa blisssssed or maybe I'm juzzzz stoned."

We're gonna go out on a crazy limb and say it's the latter.

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