Miley Cyrus Baby Face Memes

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Why has Miley Cyrus attached pictures of herself as a baby to raunchy pictures of herself as an adult? We have no idea. But check them out here.

1. Miley Crotch Grab

Miley Crotch Grab
No, Miley Cyrus. Just... no. Why did you make us look at this?


Thanks a lot, Miley Cyrus. This edited image will forever be scarred into our memories now.

3. Scary Miley Photo

Scary Miley Photo
Miley Cyrus Photoshopped this image herself. It will haunt our nightmares forever and ever.

4. Baby Miley Twerks

Baby Miley Twerks
This was gross enough when 21-year old Miley did it.

5. Wrecking Ball Redo

Wrecking Ball Redo
Because it wasn't disturbing enough when the adult Miley Cyrus grabbed her boobs in this video...

6. Baby Miley and Madonna

Baby Miley and Madonna
Baby Miley Cyrus does not look thrilled to be singing here alongside Madonna. We feel her pain.

7. Baby with a Butt

Baby with a Butt
It's okay to be freaked out by this Miley Cyrus meme, right? Because we are totally freaked out by it.

8. Miley as North West

Miley as North West
Miley Cyrus is an odd one. She has superimposed a picture of her face over a photo of North West posing with her famous parents.

9. Baby Miley/Nori

Baby Miley/Nori
This is a photo of Kanye West with his daughter Nori. Except Miley Cyrus has replaced Nori's face with her own as a baby.

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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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