Michael Bolton Reenacts Office Space Scenes in Hilarious New Video! Watch Now!

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The 1999 comedy Office Space remains a cult classic thanks to its endlessly quotable dialogue and, of course, its memorable cast of characters:

Milton, the Bobs, Lumbergh... Michael Bolton.

Yes, one of the movie's best running gags is the fact that David Herman's gangsta-rap-loving character bristles with rage every time someone points out that he shares a name with the "no talent ass clown" Grammy-winner.

Ironically, the movie is so beloved by a generation of fans that many of us now think of Herman's Michael Bolton whenever the name is mentioned.

Fortunately, the folks at Funny or Die or here to set the record straight:

Bolton has demonstrated his self-deprecating sense of humor before - most notably in the classic Lonely Island Jack Sparrow skit - but it looks like he draws the line at referring to himself as talentless.

"Ass clown" is apparently fair game, though. 

As much as we enjoyed this clip, it was a little bittersweet, as it reminded us how much we've been longing for an Office Space sequel.

C'mon, Mike Judge - if Zoolander 2 is actually a thing that's happening, then clearly it's not too late to re-visit the offices of Initech.

Don't let that unfortunate Dumb & Dumber sequel make you nervous. You're better than that. Don't make us resort to hypnosis.

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