Kylie Jenner Snaps Selfie Inside New Mansion: Check Out My Chandeliers!

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Last month, Kylie Jenner bought a house. Not just any house, mind you, but a $2.7 million mansion in Calabasas with a movie theater and a giant lagoon-style pool in the backyard.

We'll give you a moment to recover from the realization that a 17-year-old just bought a mansion that costs more than you've made in your entire life. 

Once the tears of rage have dried, we recommend you check out this first pic from inside the swanky crib for a fresh reminder of how unfair the world can be:

Kylie Jenner Mansion Selfie

Yes, that's Kylie's cavernous living room, complete with giant chandeliers. 

She's posing next to a Casper mattress box which indicates two very important and equally horrifying things:

  1. Kylie's Instagram page is so popular that she's made her millions mainly by posting selfies in which she stands next to products she's been paid to promote, and 
  2. Kylie will be having sleepovers with Tyga, her 25-year-old boyfriend. That's nothing new, but the fact that they'll now be completely unsupervised in a giant mansion that selfies paid for is super disturbing.

The best part is, you can't even see Kylie's face in this pic, yet the folks at Casper probably feel that they totally got their money's worth.

We'd congratulate Tyga on entering into such a lucrative relationship, if it wasn't so totally gross and illegal.

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