Kylie Jenner: Living With Tyga For Days at a Time! No Curfew, No Rules ... No Pants?

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Kylie Jenner has reportedly been living with Tyga part-time, and her parents are fine with this despite their rumored romance and huge age difference.

Tyga and Kylie

Either the 17-year-old is using her family's constant chaos to fly under the radar with questionable behavior, or her parents simply don't care at this point.

Probably a little of both. Between the Bruce Jenner sex change and the fatal car wreck he just was involved in, he has a lot on his plate, and Kris Jenner?

Well, she's Kris Jenner.

Still, you wonder how they're possibly okay with Kylie Jenner and Tyga spending long stretches of days and nights at his Calabasas mansion together.

Even though the neighbors go way back and the Jenners know Tyga well, she is virtually living with him at this point, coming and going as she pleases.

Mostly coming.

Despite criticism from her older sisters, ”She spends days and nights at a time at Tyga’s mansion, and even has the keys and alarm codes,” an insider says.

“The staff treats Kylie as someone who lives at the house. With no curfew, it’s not uncommon for Kylie to not see either of her parents for days at a time!”

With Kris Jenner in meltdown mode over Bruce’s transition, "she trusts Tyga with Kylie and thinks he is a good influence on her,” the insider said.

“Bruce is less than thrilled with the arrangement, however, but he knows there is no point in fighting about it because Kylie will just do what she wants.”

There you go.

Kim Kardashian vocally disapproves of this arrangement, however, and not just simply because her teenage half-sister is living with a grown ass man.

Tyga is the baby daddy of one of her best friends, stripper Blac Chyna, who has a son, King Cairo Stevenson, 2, with him, and that relationship is complicated.

However, the headstrong Kylie "doesn’t want Kim’s advice and told her that she is the last person to ever give advice on relationships,” the source said.

She does make a valid a point there.

“Kylie does what she wants, it has always been that way ... when she turns 18 in a few months, Kylie will definitely be getting her own place to live.”

Sounds like she already has one.

Regardless, despite all the rumors, it has never been established of Tyga and Kylie have any sort of physical relationship or are just really close friends.

The constant hanging out and all the Instagram shots of the two of them are guaranteed to keep people talking, but she's clearly not opposed to that.

She didn't exactly squash the whole "Tyga got Kylie Jenner pregnant" story that went viral last month, for example, even though it clearly wasn't the case.

We're not saying it's appropriate for the two to be living together, or that Kris isn't a terrible mom, just that there's no proof of the two young stars banging.


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