Kylie Jenner: Flirting With Tyga When She Was Just 14?! Watch the Video Evidence Now!

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By now, the whole world basically knows that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are dating.

Tyga lied about it in a recent interview, but everyone from Kanye West to Amber Rose has confirmed that the 25-year-old rapper is illegally gettin' it in with the 17-year-old reality star.

Now, it looks as though the trout-mouthed Lolita may have had a thing for T-Raww back when she was just a high school freshman with dreams of social media fame and lip injections:

That footage was shot at Kendall Jenner's 16th birthday party. Three years is a long time when you're a teenager, a lot has changed in the lives of the KJs, and they've both gone on to become wildly successful almost-adults.

Not so much has changed for Tyga, however. He's still a D-list rapper and he'll probably still work a high school girl's birthday party for a reasonable fee.

Most importantly, however, he's still in his 20s (just as he was then).

Kylie Jenner was just 14 when this clip was shot, and seeing the two of them on stage next to one another - him dancing shirtless, her singing along to lyrics like "ass so fat I need a lap dance" - seems to suggest that there's some truth to the rumors that Kylie has had a thing for Tyga for a long time.

There's nothing too inappropriate going on here, but you can definitely see the foundation being laid for some seriously inappropriate stuff to happen years later.

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